The KonMari Method™

The KonMari Method™ is an approach to decluttering and organizing outlined by Marie Kondo in her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book was a formative part of my own understanding of how to declutter once and for all in an empathetic and holistic way. It led me to train with Marie’s team and become certified in her method. I weave this teaching throughout my work, and pass along this framework to my clients.

While I strongly recommend you read this book, here is a summary of the basic concepts:

1) Declutter via category not location.

The KonMari Method™ starts with a thorough audit of the items we have by category instead of by room. This ensures we have a complete picture of the all the items in our lives, and we can work our way through each category and subcategory properly. We start with Clothing then move through Books, Papers, Komono (miscellaneous), then end with Sentimental Items.

2) The Spark Joy™ concept.

Instead of looking at purely the functionality or state of each item, we go through item by item with the lens of the following questions:

  • Does this thing make me happy?
  • Does it touch my heart?
  • Does it add value?
  • Does this reflect the life I want?

3) Focusing on the joy.

Part of the Spark Joy™ concept is a shift in thinking to what’s positive and inspiring rather than surrounding ourselves with things that bring us anxiety, pain, or things we think we should keep. The focus is on only surrounding ourselves with things that support our ideal lifestyle and living environment. It’s easier to decide what sparks joy when you’re rooted in what you desire.

4) Sending things off with gratitude.

Part of what makes decluttering such a difficult process for many are the feelings of guilt we feel by letting things go. The KonMari Method™ focuses on feeling and expressing our gratitude for these items in order to release them. Once released, the items are on a new journey to bring joy to someone else.

5) Tidy once and for all.

Rather than decluttering a little bit here and there over many years, the KonMari Method™ views decluttering as a one-time special event. This helps the process be more focused and complete, while also ensuring that we don’t spend our lives in a perpetual state of tidying. This approach isn’t just about clearing out space, but clearing out time and energy as well.

6) Folding technique!

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For more resources on the KonMari Method™ check out my blog post.

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