My Approach

My approach combines the KonMari Method™ along with other holistic simplicity techniques to offer personalized guidance to clearing out clutter – both internal and external. The things we accumulate throughout our lives hold sentimental and emotional significance and it’s here where the weight is heaviest.

As a KonMari™ Consultant trainee, my focus is on taking you through and honest and deep audit of the things in our lives rather than in rooms. This helps to ensure that my clients have a full appreciation of all of their items, and can experience them fully in order to identify which spark joy.

In my general holistic practice, I have come to understand how our environments can affect our emotional and physical health. I use my training as a teacher, a project manager, and certified holistic health specialist to ensure that my clients get the right balance of empathy, support, and structure to see them through their decluttering projects.

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