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Arlene is a warm, encouraging, intuitive guide, providing support when and how you need it without you having to ask, but she also ensures that you feel empowered throughout the process to make your own decisions and own your progress. It was a fascinating experience to pull out all of my possessions of one category to realize just how much I had. This was key to being able to make decisions with confidence, knowing I had the whole picture. From freeing up half my closet and 2 out of 5 dresser drawers, to helping me let go of books whose connection to my past I hadn’t before realized, I wasn’t simply getting rid of things, I was bringing my belongings and my home into alignment with my current and future self and cleansing myself of the old. I can’t even begin to express the joy I felt when I unpacked in my new apartment, knowing that everything I was pulling out had a carefully considered place in my new life.

– “Julia”

Arlene has provided compassionate support so I could make emotionally safe and manageable decisions. Not only that, she has given me structure, confidence, peace, and encouragement – all the while being non-judgmental. I felt safe, not pushed, and understood. Arlene held space while things got done. She has helped me change my life and I deeply appreciate it.

– “John”

I’ve recently experienced two sessions with Arlene using the KonMari Method™. Having already read Marie’s first book, I felt prepared for and excited about utilizing all the tools that I had learned. Arlene was there beside me every step of the way, guiding me, helping me, giving me space and the courage to make my own decisions, with her gentle yet steadfast presence beside me. I have to say that I now realize that this is so much a part of the process of the KonMari Method™: growing, stretching, questioning oneself, and breaking old habits and patterns, all the while having someone beside you, supporting, nurturing, and assuring you that all is well and that you’re okay is invaluable.

– “Char”

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